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sat may 21. 1p - 6p.
The Parks at Walter Reed.

The Parks at Walter Reed (West Lot): Click Here for Google Maps.

After the successful 2021 DC premiere, Pan Underground returns to The Parks at Walter Reed with a special remounted celebration. RED BIKE Block Party will once again feature food, art, music and local vendors, as well as an immersive reimagining of Caridad Svich’s RED BIKE. Performances will grow out of the celebration, staged on bike and foot. Attendees will be free to sit, stand and visit vendors throughout the event.

about RED BIKE.

playwright: Caridad Svich

director: Pete Danelski

audio director: Aria Velz

featuring: Alina Collins Maldonado, Ahmad Kamal, Bianca Lipford and Brinden Banks as "The Child"

What kind of future will you have living in these here United States? Remember when you were eleven years old and you had a bike, one that made you dream about a world bigger than the one in which you live? This is that memory. Except it is now.

Reimagined by Pan Underground as a community celebration, this RED BIKE  by Caridad Svich is an immersive performance, interwoven into a larger block party. Audiences will gather safely outdoors for a real celebration, as the performance grows out of the block party, itself. RED BIKE Block Party will include two performances of RED BIKE throughout the afternoon - at 2p and 5p. 

Block Party Schedule.

1p | Block Party Begins.

food, music, art and more

2p | RED BIKE Performance.

vendors will remain open

3p | Celebration Continues.

including special performances

5p | RED BIKE Performance.

vendors will remain open

6p | Block Party Wraps Up.

creative team.

Bianca Lipford headshot NEW.jpeg

Ahmad Kamal

Brinden Banks

Aria Velz

Bianca Lipford


Caridad Svich

Pete Danelski.jpg

Pete Danelski



Taking It to the Streets on a ‘Red Bike’


Red Bike Breathes New Life Into Local Theater


Red Bike Pulls into Anacostia + Walter Reed

listen to 44:21's RED BIKE playlist.

getting to the parks: navigating campus + parking. (Click Here for Google Maps)

The Parks Map
  • Whether walking, driving or biking to The Parks at Walter Reed, you may enter campus from any of the labeled entrances (see map).

  • The main roadway through campus (labeled and highlighted red on map) will take you to the Block Party entrance.

  • If driving there, you will find parking available, in any of the labeled areas (marked green on map) from there you can walk to the Block Party entrance.



“RED BIKE” is presented through special arrangement with and all authorized performance materials are supplied by TRW PLAYS 1180 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 640, New York, NY 10036.

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